Tying with Green Catgut – is mind blowing

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In realistic fly tying world you need a tone of patience, a lot of expensive and rare   materials and  to be a skillful and talented tier.  A nymph or an emerger or a dry fly  tied in this way  will take at least  half hour to finish. At least , because I saw flies done in 2 or 3 hours!. Troutline  offer a fantastic  material – catgut biothread that will give you the possibility to make incredible realistic bodies. Bellow  everybody can see a few picture of  green caddis tied with green catgut. The photos are mind blowing and  we assure that a nymph from photos bellow was tied in not more than 5 minutes!






































And a close up photo:


















Shops where you can find this material:

Romania: www.troutline.ro

Slovakia: www.dohiku.eu

UK: www.tungsten-beads-plus.com

Germany: www.ffp-shop.de

Poland: www.flyfishing-mart.com







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