Video – Tying a Juicy Jig Nymph

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The Juicy Nymph is a highly effective yet simple fly that is easy to tie. This generic fly pattern imitates the olive-brown colored nymphs found in European waters, making it an excellent searching pattern that can attract both trout and grayling. One of the things I really appreciate about this fly is how simple it is ...

Video- Tying a Micro Worm

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I like this pattern because it can be done on small and very small hooks. Then the body, which is elastic and soft, is also translucent. And last but not least, it is UV resistant. It is perfect for shy and cautious fish. Materials: Hook ST320 #16-20Thread: Red any you likeBody: Micro Wormy Body – killer redBead: Tungsten in metallic ...

Tying a Zonker Streamer -Video

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Here is a simple video about how I make a zonker streamer. Nothing fancy, just a simple and easy streamer. The fly is made for fishing with intermediate and sinking lines and for this reason no weight was added. I used a fish heads to decrease the tying time and to provide a better balance.

Tying a Swimming Baetis

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I decided to make a video about how I tie a Swimming Baetis nymph. To make this fly is not complicated at all but some friends asked for it so here are the steps. Materials used are simple as possible: the body can be made of yellow thread or of any color in order to ...

Video – Tying a Veevus Iris Nymph

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These bugs are super simple and good catching trout and grayling like all simple flies. Any beginner can make them super easy and fast because there are only a few steps: simple tail, simple body, ribbing is optional and hackle also is simple to make. There is a small but important thing: hackle should be ...