Video-Tying a green and partridge jig nymph

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Bright green nymphs are great attractor patterns. This model can be particularly effective in murky water where a flash of color can grab a fish's attention. When algae blooms occur, the water can take on a greenish tinge. Green nymphs can blend in slightly while still offering some contrast, potentially attracting fish feeding on the ...

Video – Tying a multicolor perdigon -for cloudy waters

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Here is the video how I make this perdigon. Recipe: Size 18 hook W633 Demmon Tail made of Coq de Leon -Pardo medio Thread used is Gel Spun Ultra Flat 50DEN in brown Body is made of tinsel rainbow- Glossy Pearl Coating is done with Troutline UV Resin

Video- Tying a nymph for muddy waters

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When fishing in dark, murky waters after heavy rains, here are some fly color recommendations for good contrast: High-Visibility Options: Black: A classic choice for murky water. It provides a strong silhouette that fish can easily see. Purple: Another great option, offering good contrast against brown or green murky water. Olive: Dark olive shades can work well, especially if ...