Perdigon Nymphs by Dudu Sanz

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Dudu is a renowned Spanish fisherman and an exceptional fly tier, known for his incredible craftsmanship. His Perdigon nymphs are truly remarkable; I've never seen such high-quality and consistent flies. As a huge fan of his work, I greatly admire his tying skills. Honestly, I haven't come across Perdigons as impressive as his. I'm thrilled that ...

Atomic purple perdigon

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This fly is for fishing after short rains when waters get cloudy and the levels increase a little bit. Due to the materials used, this perdigon provides great contrast in these fishing conditions. Materials: Hook: Demmon #16 Thread: Sumo 50DEN - brown Tail: Coq de Leon Pardo Body: Atomic skin -purple red Coating: UV resin Tungsten 3mm gold

Video – Tying a multicolor perdigon -for cloudy waters

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Here is the video how I make this perdigon. Recipe: Size 18 hook W633 Demmon Tail made of Coq de Leon -Pardo medio Thread used is Gel Spun Ultra Flat 50DEN in brown Body is made of tinsel rainbow- Glossy Pearl Coating is done with Troutline UV Resin

Video- Tying a nymph for muddy waters

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When fishing in dark, murky waters after heavy rains, here are some fly color recommendations for good contrast: High-Visibility Options: Black: A classic choice for murky water. It provides a strong silhouette that fish can easily see. Purple: Another great option, offering good contrast against brown or green murky water. Olive: Dark olive shades can work well, especially if ...

Fly Fishing in Costa Rica: Tarpon, Trout and Machadas in jungle

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Costa Rica boasts the world's greatest variety of species and settings for fly fishing. When wetalk about Costa Rica, we talk about biodiversity, as this small country, spanning only 51,100km², holds 6% of the world's biodiversity. In Costa Rica, you can fly fish for tarpon, machaca,rainbow trout, roosterfish, blue marlin, and more.Charlie, the guide coordinator ...

Quill Gordon Dry Fly

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The Quill Gordon dry fly is a historic fly pattern with a simple design and enduring effectiveness. Here's what you need to know: The fly was developed in the late 1800s by Theodore Gordon, often referred to as the "Father of American Dry Fly Fishing." The fly is credited for being one of the first ...