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Scruffy Buggy Trout Nymph

Scruffy Buggy Trout Nymph is a simple and effective fly for trout fishing. Represent in a general way trout food like caddis larvae, stonefly nymphs. Tying recipe: Curved caddis hook Demmon G602 #12Thread black easy to splitBody made of squirrel dubbing in black and natural mixedBody: dubbing fixed in split threadRibbing: UV Ribbing fiber- purple colorSecond ...

Synthetic Purple Spider

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When Autumn is ending purple is the winning color. Grayling love the purple color and if you tie wet flies using it you will enjoy catching a few nice fish. Hook: Demmon ST920 #14 Thread: Purple - Veevus Body: rainbow violet -Troutline UV Spectra Dubb fixed in dubbing loop Hackle: Partridge ...

Red Macaw CDC Sedge

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Many of us considers CDC flies the most efficient dry flies for trout and grayling fishing. The Red Macaw CDC Sedge is made as simple as possible and was developed years ago by French tying house: Mouche Devaux Champagnole. Tested in years of fishing on rivers like Ain, Saone, Isere and Rhone, the Red ...

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