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Keep your river clean

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Enjoying nature and fishing is the greatest pleasure for a fly-fisherman. A dirty river, full of litter, spoils the pleasure and it's also upsetting.Many of us, just point the finger, without doing anything to change the situation. But each of us can do something, and little by little cleanups can make the litter disappear! ...

Serbian Dun Dry Fly

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Tying Recipe:*Hook : Daiichi 1190 BL #14*Thread: White or transparent to avoid darker shades of fly body when gets wet*Tail: grizzly barbs*Body: Dun ( I use kapok which float better than other dubbing )*Hackle: Grizzly*Wing: Hen or rooster feathers in grizzlyThe fly works all Summer time, especially late in the day or when is cloudy ...

Who want to win a Hardy Fly Reel?

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Dear friends,It's the perfect time for every fisherman to upgrade his fishing gear with a Hardy reel:  Ultraclick UCL Fly Reel 5000!If you want to have it, sign in first or create a new account if you don't have one already and then place an order on our website!All orders over 70 euros will be automatically enrolled in ...

Swimming GRHE Nymph

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The swimming GRHE nymph is very light variation of classic GRHE nymph. The fly is tied slim, delicate and without lead or tungsten wire. The reason stays in the style used to fish this fly: "NYMPHE À VUE" - the French unique nymphing style.Materials:Hook: barbless in size #14-18Thread: Veevus white or black GSP 30DENBody: Mad ...

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