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Swimming GRHE Nymph

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The swimming GRHE nymph is very light variation of classic GRHE nymph. The fly is tied slim, delicate and without lead or tungsten wire. The reason stays in the style used to fish this fly: "NYMPHE À VUE" - the French unique nymphing style. Materials: Hook: barbless in size #14-18Thread: Veevus white or black GSP 30DENBody: Mad ...

Nutria Blue Spiky Wet Fly

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Nutria Blue Spiky Wet Fly is a simple and bushy fly that suits for fishing in a team with other wet flies. Nutria Blue Spiky Wet Fly suits perfectly for lake fishing and big river fishing and works as a great stimulator fly. The colour combination and dubbing texture make the fly the proper way ...

Mink Micro Zonkers

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I Troutline shop arrived lots of furs from all kind of animals. In a bag I found lots of tails with nice and super dense fur. Those tails with super soft, short, dense with nice guard-fur were from minks. I had a short chat with somebody from shop and I took 3 tails, ...