Buzzer on lakes

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Fishing with buzzers on lakes but not from boats is demanding. You need a good rod, good lines and proper buzzers.
I like to go fishing on Alpine lakes because these are not very big and are not very deep too. So with a size #5 or 6 rod with a good floating line , if you are good at casting and you can trow at 20-25m you can catch nice fish!
My technique is simple, I’m looking to fish using wind. I cast in 30-45 degree with wind direction and I use the find drift. I pull the line slowly in figure “8” and I keep the tip of the rod at 5-10cm from the water surface.
I use 2 buzzers all the time, on top a simple buzzer and on a dropper, at 80cm-120cm an emerger buzzer. I had all the time great success and I like more this technique more than streamer fishing.

A few buzzers:

And a beautiful wild Alpine brown trout:

So don’t forget, in Alpine lakes buzzers are an important source of food for fish and having with you a few good flies will give you a big smile on your face at the end of the day 🙂

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