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Kapok CDC Emerger

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If you love fishing with emergers, then you should tie this fly. The Kapok CDC Emerger is tied based on the classic Shuttlecock pattern, with the difference lying in the material used: kapok. Why kapok? Because it floats exceptionally well and traps air bubbles. All fishermen know that emergers imitate insects with a part of their ...

Video -Tying an Egg Laying CDC Sedge

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I recently posted this video on Youtube about this sedge. I have received questions about why I am doing an under body. There are two reasons: I use kapok that does not soak in water and improves the floatability To give a little thickness to the body because insects also have a thicker, more consistent body. Tying ...

Ultra Floating CDC Biot Caddis

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I consider it a beginner's fly. It floats like a cork, it is very good for fast water fishing. And what's more, it's very simple to tie. Materials: Hook: Daiichi 1190 #16 Thread: any you like Underbody: non colored(natural) kapok dubbing to make the fly a little bit fatty Body: goose biot in light olive Wing: 3 cdc feathers from wild ...

Yellow Sulphur CDC Dun

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Here is a version of the famous Yellow Sulfur Din mayflies. What is interesting about her is that the body is made with UV Pearl Body Quill from Hends. With all this craziness with UV reflective materials, I decided to make such a model myself. The fly will catch fish, it is not to be contested, ...

Sight Nymphing in Slovenia

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Slovenia stands out as one of Europe's most enchanting fishing destinations. With its breathtaking landscapes and the opportunity to catch marble trout measuring over 1 meter, it offers an unparalleled fishing experience. While it is indeed possible to find such fish in Italy, it is a rarity, making Slovenia an attractive choice for many Italian ...

Video – How I tie a biot nymph

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Here is a video about my way of tying these biot nymphs. I hope you find it interesting and usefull. Materials used: Hook: Daiichi 1190 BL – I prefer size #16-18 Thread: 8/0 Textreme or any you like, I used brown Tail: partridge barbs Weight: tungsten bead or tungsten wire ( more ecological friendly than lead wire ) Body: Troutline goose biots dyed in yellow Thorax: squirrel dubbing in yellow Back: made of ...

Quill Perdigon UV Green Neck

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It is a Perdigon model made with peacock quill and green neck. Easy to build, with a realistic appearance, this model is effective for both trout and grayling. Materials: Maruto D04 HWW #14-20 Thread: 30DEN Veevus black Tails: Leon pardo Body: Troutline hand cleaned peacock quill Necks: Uni peacock tinsel Beads: Tungsten Resin: Troutline Perdigon medium viscosity UV resin