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Video Tying a bi-colored PT nymph

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This nymph is a slightly more complicated fly to make because it has more elements and because it requires a little more skill. But it's very fun to do. If you do it in small sizes, it is very effective for any type of fish (trout, grayling, even coregon and chub ) . Tying tips: use ...

Olive Wet GRHE Fly

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In my list with wet flies, in addition to the natural hare color and black, there is the olive color. I consider them the simplest and most effective colors because we find them everywhere in nature, in all waters, on all insects. Materials: Hook: Demmon N500 BL #12 Thread: Yellow Perdigon flat body thread (color code A8) Ribbing: tinsel ...

Introducing the New Perdigon Flat Body Thread: Thinner, Stronger, and More Versatile

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The latest body thread in fly tying with the all-new Perdigon Flat Body Thread, is a fantastic thread designed for making delicate and durable bodies, even on the smallest hooks. The Perdigon flat body thread have 90DEN and offers exceptional thinness and strength, allowing you to create intricate patterns with precision and ease. Whether you're ...