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Black Hairy Buzzer

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Black always is a winner when we talk about buzzers. Black buzzers are all around flies for fishing for trout in lakes. Bellow is a simple one tied with dubbing and is a searching pattern made a little bit different because was used an uv ribbing in blue metallic color. Materials used for tying this ...

Olive Hairy Buzzer

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Easy and fun to tie, effective in the same time - this is the olive Hairy buzzer. Materials used for tying this fly: Hook curved in size #10-14Thread as slim as possiblebody made of coarse dubbing - squirrel or mad rabbit dubbing is greatribbing is made by TroutLine UV ribbing in blueCheeks -lurefil orangeThorax ...

2019 – What a season – Fly Fishing in Austria

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If you are currently interested in finding special destinations for fly fishing in Central Europe, most people would suggest Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy…all beautiful countries for fly fishing, but most certainly our alpine country would be just as beautiful and appropriate. Manuel and I would like to take you with us through our idyllic Austria, in a ...