Tying a mayfly nymphs -Ephemera Danica

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In a short period of time from now on a plenty of Danica will fly over rivers. It  is better to be prepared with a couple of weeks before and to have a few effective nymph imitations of Ephemera Danica because trout will start eating them in great frenzy.

The  nymph that I recommend you is easy to be tied and require medium tying skills. Also is “fun” especially if you are not great in drawing because you need good skills if you are perfectionist if you want to make the perfect brown marks on the synthetic body material.   A nice bunch of words will “season”  the cosy atmosphere from  your house and your girlfriend will understand  your obsession for tying and fishing and will think twice  if she will marry you- and this is not bad at all :).

To return to our fly:  First you need a  good permanent marker to prepare the body and to mark the material  to obtain a nice brown gradient. Then you can start  tying the flies in the following steps:

step 1 in tying danica nymph

















step 2 in tying danica nymph

















step 3 in tying danica nymph

















step 4 in tying danica nymph

















step 5 in tying danica nymph

















step 6 in tying danica nymph

















step 7 in tying danica nymph

















step 8 in tying danica nymph

















danica nymph tied by Lucian

















For tying this nymph I use the following materials:

Hook: Daiichi  1270 in size 12.

Thread: Uni 8/0 in light color

Tail: peacock fibers from central feather from  rooster

Underbody: lead wire covered with Uni Underbody thread

Body: Troutline Synthetic quill in yellow (the brown gradient color from one side was done with a permanent brown marker)

Gills: I use  cream ostrich herl – a few turns

Torax: yellow troutline super spike dubbing

Back: I use CDC feather but any brown feather can be used

The fly should not heavily  weighted because  should be fished in dead drifting and using french style :  nymphe a vue.


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