Peeping Caddis -simple and efficient nymph

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Here is a simple and efficient Peeping Caddis:



Tying Materials
Hook: barbless jig hook
Bead: natural colored tungsten – more cheaper than tungsten colored beads
Body: hare dubbing – natural
Head: green chartreuse synthetic ribbing
Legs: partridge barbs ( from back zone )

Is very simple to tie, no special skills needed, no expensive materials. Any beginner can make it and a tying time for this fly is maximum 3 minutes.
The fly is not popular like should be, catch any fish from trout, to grayling and barbel when the fishing season starts.
Can be used for short nymph but also with long nymphing technique. Because is tied on jig nymph the fly is better to be set as top nymph and on a dropper you can add any nymph you like ( GRHE, PT or wet flies if you like to use dead drifting technique)
For me, Peeping Caddis is in my Top 10 nymphs list and I highly recommend to all 🙂
Cheers and have fun tying!

I received more requests about feathers that I use so here are these feathers:

  • Jason Warner
    November 24, 2016

    Always nice .

  • James
    November 24, 2016


    Amazing fly can you recommend a product for creating the chartreuse. Also is there a thead base being used in this case.

    Amazing stuff.

    Thanks, James

  • Jared
    December 7, 2017

    What exact partridge are you using on this caddis pattern??? Do you have a link to the product??? Thanks.

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