Tying a catgut caddis nymph

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Fishing with nymphs in this period is probably the most effective style. Levels of rivers are high, more or less clear and fish are eating in frenzy.In April the most efficient flies are GRHE in different variants. Also peeping caddis are efficient tied in different styles. At the end of the June caddis pupae nd caddis nymphs without case start being efficient. We tie them with body glass, with yellow wool, with latex or with yellow silk thread. A very efficient but in the same time easy to tie with a high realistic look is caddis catgut nymph. The fly tied in this way is perfect on big hooks , for example in north countries like Sweden, Denmark and Finland the fish prefer consistent food so if you will tie it on size #8-12 will be perfect. On continental Europe size #10 and 12 is perfect but in some condition you can make it on size #14.
Hook: Demmon DGH 900 BL or Demmon COmpetition G600
Thread: yellow fly tying thread
Underbody: yellow fly tying body thread
Body: catgut biothread in natural cream color,
Torax: black seal dubbing seal substitute for tying ( more economical and “save the baby seals” materials)
Bead: tungsten beads in any color you like

I advice to keep the catgut biothread in warm water for 5-6 min until will became transparent. The material is almost solid and stiff like a wire. If is kept for a while in water will became soft , translucent and easy to work with. Then you should make the under body of pale yellow body thread, to imitate the color of the insect.if you like to be more closer to the natural shape of the insects is better to make the under body in the eggplant shape and not carrot shape. Wrap the catgut in tight turns (because the catgut will have an increased volume after soaking in water). Add black dubbing to make the torax and the fly is ready!
When became dry the catgut turns will have spaces but don’t worry, is normal. After soaking in water will became nice looking, exactly like the insect body. Is strange and interesting in the same time how this material can provide such a realistic look.
So lets tying, bellow are the photos with step by steps:
tying a catgut nymph step 1
tying a catgut nymph step 2
tying a catgut nymph step 3 making the underbody
tying a catgut nymph step 4 making the body
tying a catgut nymph step 5 making the torax area
tying a catgut nymph step  6 finished fly
wet catgut nymph
a few caddis tied with catgut


  • Yvette
    December 25, 2015

    im guessing your a senpnir fisherman with that question? if so i highly recommend fly fishing..aslong as you set the hook good then you will catch fish on a single hook´╗┐ and keep your line tight dont let any slack.

  • Honorio Solis Villegas
    January 18, 2016

    What is the size of catgut (s,m,l,xl) recommended for nymphs # 12 ?

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