How to tie in the correct way a Caddis Catgut Pupa – Movie

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How to tie in the correct way a Caddis Catgut Pupa – is a movie about using and tying flies with catgut. For example for pupae is a special way of tying bodies, for standard nymphs a different way and for stone flies also a different way of tying.
If you are  looking how exactly looks a caddis pupa you will notice that the abdomen  don’t have a carrot shape. It looks more  like an aubergine or eggplant. So what you have to do is to make an under body unsing body thread in  that shape.  When is ready just add a catgut biothread and form the final body.
A small trick to tie the fly  more easy: keep the catgut in warm water for a few min ( from 3 to 5min or even more ) until the material gets translucent and  soft. Take it out from the water  only  you intend to use. It will be much easy to work  like that.
I also work with  dry catgut because  it easy for me to work  like that after tying hundreds  of them but at the beginning is easy to  use it  wet.

Another movie where Davie McPhail is tying a catgut nymph using troutline catgut biothread :

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