Colors of Coq de Leon Indio feathers

The Colors of Coq de Leon Indio feathers are generally in  grey and dun and some are with a little bit of brown and cream. The shades are very nice, with brown nutty or metallic shines in different intensities.

Thease feathers are fantastic for dun imitations and because don’t are speckled  should not be neglected.

Here are the most used feathers from Coq De Leon Indio:

Leon Indio Cristal



Leon Indio Plomizo



Leon Indio Negrisco



Leon Indio Avellanado



Leon Indio Avellanado Oscuro




Every these Coq Leon Indio feathers can be found in Spain  at local breeders , or you can buy from Troutline Shop 

For those who want to make general type of patterns , the barbs from Indio can be mixed with barbs from Pardo . Will give a fantastic effect for all flies!

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