Tying a Micro Baetis Nymph with UV Coating Resin

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Hi friends,  I decided to make a step by step for this nymph that I use  with success in almost all waters especially when I used long nymphing in ginger clear rivers  with  medium or small current.

To tie a micro baetis nymph that should work you should take in consideration 2 aspects : size and slim profile. Small size starting from #16 and  down to #20 is the proper dimension. The profile should be slim and delicate, similar with natural insect.  Because I use UV coating,  the fly will sink fast and will have a minimum water resistance. If you make  these flies with  thick bodies and big,  will not sink  fast enough and will behave unnatural to fish. So if you want to have not only nice flies but alto efficient please stay stick with these recommendations.


Hooks: Maruto Dohitomi C46WBL in size #16-18 or Daiichi D1130 #16-20.

Thread: UTC 70 Denier olive or cream or even 8/0 Uni in colors to match  the local insects colors

Tail: partridge barbs

Hot Spot: white pearl UV Ribbing fibers

Bead: 2mm or 1.5mm tungsten bead

Coating: UV Resin – what you like, for me works excellent  Trout Line Classic UV Resin


















After fixing the tail make a slim body profile using the same tying thread:


















Make the pearl hot spot using the ribbing material


















Use a red marker for making a contrast type of hot spot


















Apply one layer of uv resin and the baetis  fly will be ready.


































Here is a photo with  resin used:

Troutline Classic UV Kit for Fly Tying













Have fun tying and tight lines!


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