How to tie a Variant of Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph

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The  Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph is probably one of the oldest nymph used by fishermen.  Back in the past this nymph was tied differently  and was upgraded in time. First was an ugly fly  with dubbing all over the hook shank and  a few turns of gold tinsel. Now , with the same material for making body :hare dubbing known also as wild rabbit dubbing the fly have a torax part area very distinctive  and  a more clear silhouette. The fly is a classic and catch a lot of fish all the time. Tied in different variants to match the local preferences of the fish the  Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph is a must have fly in all boxes because is simple,  sexy and catch fish!

Recipe of tying material used for tying this nymph:

  1. Hook: Daiichi D1180 #12
  2. Weight : lead foil or lead wire
  3. Tail: Hair fibers from wild rabbit
  4. Ribbing: Oval Tinsel in gold color
  5. Body : Troutline Super Spike Dubbing or Troutline Buggy Dubbing
  6. Torax Case: Guard hair fibers from wild rabbit
  7. Thread: Uni 8/0- blacktying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 2


    tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 3


    tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 4


    tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 5


    tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 6


    tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 8


    tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 9
















tying Gold Ribbed Hare - step 9


Gold Ribbed Hare's Nymph side view

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