My Precious Nymph

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My precious Nymph is very simple to tye and is a general searching model. “My Precious Nymph” is tied to imitate baetis nymphs, clinger nymphs, swimming and crawler nymphs, basically almost all delicate medium-small nymphs. Because is so simple and tied with only respecting basic elements and classic proportions, the nymphs is a great searching fly. But not because is a searching fly makes this nymph so exceptional! The “secret” is hidden in the material used for body! The body is made of a special thread made of different mixed colors. When gets wet the main color is very interesting, semi translucent with very nice reflexes and shades. The effect is similar with Chadwick wool.
In Nature all insects don’t have a solid color, the main color is in fact a mix between a few colors in different shades. This help insects to have a better camouflage. For this reason a mixed dubbing is more successful than a dubbing in a single color. Same thing with this body thread.
So lets start tying :







The final nymph

And a body close look:

Bellow is another nymph tied with the same material but without ribbing. Is one of the best for grayling when this fish eats small and very small baetis nymphs.


Material used:

Hook: Maruto Dohitomi D23 BL #14-20
Thread: Devaux Cream Body Thread
Tail: Coq de leon Indio Acerado
Body: Troutline Special Body Thread – cinnamon color
Ribbing Devaux Cream Body Thread
Torax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing yellow mixed with rusty brown
Bead: Copper tungsten bead

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  • Quinton
    December 25, 2015

    Ty,I’ve woven nymphs of all sizes for trout, peoiemdnatrly stoneflies, and they do work well. Your woven design looks like a killer for our local Chematopsyche sp. caddis. neat thing you have there!Gregg

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