Green Catgut Cased Caddis

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I love fishing with nymphs in Spring. Caddis flies are my favorite imitations and one of my most used nymph is Peeping Caddis tied super simple. But sometimes I like to play at the tying vice and to make different variations. As you know, long winter time gives me all sort of ideas 🙂

I found in an old box some cased caddis made simple, on normal hooks ( not jig hooks ) and I remember that I used them quite a lot 20 years ago. So I tied a new version where I substitute the lead wire with tungsten wire. Using tungsten I can keep a more thin profile instead of bulky one. Then tungsten is not toxic like lead….

  • Hook: Daiichi 1190 #14
  • Tying Thread: Black GSP 30DEN Veevus
  • Body: Catgut size S caddis green color
  • Weight: tungsten wire
  • Case: Squirrel fur from masks ( 3 colors mixed: olive, rusty, natural)

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