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Video – Tying a Veevus Iris Nymph

by Lucian Vasies

These bugs are super simple and good catching trout and grayling like all simple flies. Any beginner can make them super easy and fast because there are only a few steps: simple tail, simple body, ribbing is optional and hackle also is simple to make. There is a small but important thing: hackle should be as sparse as possible. If is too dense, will cover the body of the fly and will decrease the sinking rate.


  • Demmon Hooks ST 320#14
  • Thread: Black GSP 30DEN
  • Body: Veevus Iris thread
  • Tail: Coq de leon – corzuno
  • Ribbing: Wire – any color you like, I personally use silver for black
  • Coating: UV resin (Troutline UV Classic Resin ) or UV Head Cement
  • Hackle: CDC
  • Bead: Tungsten

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Lincoln Parmer July 10, 2022 - 4:17 pm

Nice work Lucien: Very simple..Thanks for the video.


Lucian Vasies July 11, 2022 - 5:54 am

Hi Lincoln, Thanks, very kind of you 🙂


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