Video – Tying a Veevus Iris Nymph

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These bugs are super simple and good catching trout and grayling like all simple flies. Any beginner can make them super easy and fast because there are only a few steps: simple tail, simple body, ribbing is optional and hackle also is simple to make. There is a small but important thing: hackle should be as sparse as possible. If is too dense, will cover the body of the fly and will decrease the sinking rate.


  • Demmon Hooks ST 320#14
  • Thread: Black GSP 30DEN
  • Body: Veevus Iris thread
  • Tail: Coq de leon – corzuno
  • Ribbing: Wire – any color you like, I personally use silver for black
  • Coating: UV resin (Troutline UV Classic Resin ) or UV Head Cement
  • Hackle: CDC
  • Bead: Tungsten

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