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Disco CDC Emerger

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Simple to tie even by a beginner, the Disco CDC Emerger works late in evenings when small nymphs are rising to emerge. Materials used: Hook Demmon G602 Thread: White Uni 70DEN Body: pearl tinsel Tail: synthetic white/blue dubbing tied sparse Thorax: Squirrel Dubbing in natural color Wing: 3CDC feathers for a size #12-14 hooks Hot Spot,  ...

Video Tying – Pimped Pheasant tail

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Hi guys, here is the video promised in my previous article. Materials used: *hook -Demmon #10-14 ST900 *body and tail – pheasant barbs in natural color *ribbing- red wire *hot spot- made of UV TroutLine hot orange resin *thorax- thorax dark dubbing *back-magic braid back *legs- partridge dyed picric Of course, the model can be tied on different type of hooks ...

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