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OFN Cream

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This fly is simple and deadly, period. The body is made of the CDC and the hackle is made with the barbs from the CDC used for body. Grayling and trout love this fly and I had huge success using it. Materials used: *Demmon Competition ST300 Jig Hook #12-16 *Thread:yellow underbody *Ribbing: Hot orange thread *Tail: Coq de Leon *Body: ...

Fishing report – Ammarnas, Lapland

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Ammarnas is a small town situated in Swedish Lapland. Located in Vasterbotten, the Ammarnas city and the surroundings became popular in fishing world because huge trout are migrating from the big lake named Storvindeln in the upper part of the Vindel river to lays the eggs. Another great attraction for this location is the great ...

Skinny Yellow Dun Micro Mayfly

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It is a simple CDC dry fly popular in countries like Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Montenegro and in Czech Republic due to efficiency in August, September and November time. The water print is almost perfect, the minimalist tying approach make this fly extremely effective for trout and grayling on ginger clear waters (with medium and ...

Video- Tying a Red Zebra Devil Nymph

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Red Zebra Devil Nymph is a new model developed to sink fast without loosing "life like" appearance. The particularities of this model are:  fast sinking rate stimulator action CDC barbs  gives a nice hallow without changing the sinking speed durable ( coated with UV resin) works for trout and grayling in the same time Material used: *Demmon Jig ...

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