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Spent CDC Flies

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Spent CDC Flies ca be tied very easy if you have the proper CDC. Here is a version that I like to make to imitate a spent ephemera and is tied only with CDC barbs (means barbs stripped from the feather stem).For a size #14 I used the barbs for 3 feathers to make the ...

Dun Quills CDC flies

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These flies are probably the most efficient CDC flies tied with body made of peacock quill. They are simple and efficient if you choose the right color and the right size. The wing is made of CDC tied using combined technique. Floats excellent, easy to notice on the water, great water print, there ...

Duracell Nymph

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This fly was generated by a fantastic UK fishermen and tier: Craig Mcdonald They fly works fantastic in fast rivers and stretch parts behind rocks where trout and grayling are located. I tested this fly this Summer, frankly is very colored fly and not on my taste because I prefer to use more natural colored ...

Peeping Caddis Nymphs

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Peeping Caddis Nymphs are super simple and easy to tie. Any guy who step in tying can make these flies. I consider them a must nymph that catch fish in any moment. These bellow are my most used and most effective flies, at least are in top 10 nymphs!

Spanish Bomb Perdigon

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Ok guys, there is no bomb, only a super heavy nymph called "the perdigon bomb". What is special at this fly: colors and weight. The under-body is made of tungsten Javi and the body is super colored in hot shades to attract the fish attention. No tail no dubbing, only resin coating ...

Video Tying- CDC and Quill Emerger

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Tying Recipe: *Hook Demmon DGE 320 #16 *Thread: 70 Den - white *Tail: a few barbs of white uv lite brite dubb *Body: Troutline Hand cleaned peacock quill *Thorax: Troutline Thorax dark dubbing *Wing: CDC natural grey or dark grey feathers - 3 pcs *Hackle: one turn of Partridge neck hackle dyed picric

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