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GRHE Nymph

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Do you know that the GRHE nymph is considered the oldest nymph?. The fly is used by hundreds of years. Even now  is still efficient especially during Spring time till end of Summer. Can be tied in different ways and variants with or without bead, with synthetic dubbing,  with hot spots. Bellow is my recipe ...

PT with orange Hot Spot Nymph

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Tying Materials:Hook: Demmon 633 #12-18 Thread: UTC Orange 70 Denier Body: Pheasant barbs Tail: Coq de Leon  Flor de Escoba Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing in Natural color Hot Spot - UTC Tying thread - orange Ribbing: Wire Bead: Tungsten in gold/silver/black /copper colorThis interesting nymph called PT with orange Hot Spot is probably the ...

May Fly Swimming G Nymph

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May Fly Swimming G Nymph is tied based on the old model made in 2008 as you can see bellow:Unfortunately the blog was hacked during years and the old articles ( hundreds) where lost. This new version is made for fishing in Spring time in high waters. The jig off tungsten beads used will let ...

Hot Spot Olive Scud

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Tying Recipe and materials:Hook:Demmon COmpetition #10-14 Thread: crem/olive Body: Troutline Olive Spiky Dubbing Back case: vinyl strip or just transparent plastic strip from zip bags Antennae: partridge barbsHow to fish the Hot Spot Olive Scud:These flies are working fantastic if you know when you should use. Very popular between Czech and Polish fishermen, scud flies create confusion in ...

Skating CDC and Hare Sedge

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Materials: Demmon D400 BL #12-16 Thread: UTC 70 Denier Red Body: Troutline Spiky Dubbing Light Olive Ribbing - Troutline UV Flat Perdigon - blue Wing: CDC Dyed Khaki - fixed in dubbing loop Hackle:Hare Guard fibers - natural - fixed in dubbing loopThe fly developed to cast easily at high distance and to float on the surface of the water. ...

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