wet bodies of nymphs tied with catgut

Micro Nymphs for Grayling tied with catgut biothread

This is an old series of catgut micro nymphs tied 6 years ago for grayling in North Transylvania.  I tied them on small hooks from size #14 down to #18. I was  impressed by  natural shades and colors,  how looks the material when  is wet and I was impressed by   the  texture very close…


A Baetis Nymph tied with synthetic quill

When trout and grayling are eating in frenzy baetis    you should think at two baetis nymphs – one olive and one yellow.  These flies are easy to be tied, resistant and realistic in the same time. Is difficult to find material  to have all in common but troutline synthetic quill is  one that works! So…


Saltwater Streamer M1

                                    MaterialS used: Daiichi Salwater Hook D990 ST Thread: Uni Cord white Body: silver tinsel Wing : micro fiber in clear, pink and grey Head made with Deer Creek UV resin Eyes:  Epoxy 3D eyes


Tying a Gammarus Nymph with Pro Sportfisher materials

Pro Sportfisher is a new brand from Denmark.  Usually  the fishermen from north countries love to catch salmon and seatrout. They are not focused like European fishermen on river fishing.  But this brand run by a few great  Danish fishermen created a few innovative materials  who changed the way of tying realistic flies. Before them…

Gold Ribbed Hare's Nymph belly view

How to tie a Variant of Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph

The  Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph is probably one of the oldest nymph used by fishermen.  Back in the past this nymph was tied differently  and was upgraded in time. First was an ugly fly  with dubbing all over the hook shank and  a few turns of gold tinsel. Now , with the same material for…

Gold Ribbed Hare's Nymph profile view

Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph – Variant

Gold Ribbed Hare Nymph – Variant  Recipe of tying material used for tying this nymph: Hook: Daiichi D1180 #12 Weight : lead foil or lead wire Tail: Hair fibers from wild rabbit Ribbing: Oval Tinsel in gold color Body : Troutline Super Spike Dubbing or Troutline Buggy Dubbing Torax Case: Guard hair fibers from wild…