Fly Tying – efficient nymphs with hot spots

Nothing complicate again but sometimes  you have to be creative when you have to fish on rivers with high fishing  pressure . One river is Adda from North Italy – Lombardia. it is a beautiful river, very long with  a nice population of fish but with a lot of fishermen. All the time wen I…


Red Quill Para

Because these days you ca see on facebook,  blogs and forums   alot of flies,  models,  new materials,   abd because we are  very curious we are tempted to forget all traditional flies from our dads and grandfathers. Today I took a look in my old boxes and I tied a Red Quill Para  after…


A Yellow Caddis Pupae

Just start the season and I tie a few flies from  my next weekend.  I want to go on river Adda in Italy and I'm curious is  this fly works  there. Normally this fly is gperfect for Summer time but works great also  at the beginning of the season. Here is the fly:   Materials:…


Colors of Coq de Leon Indio feathers

Indio from Coq de Leon is generally in  grey and dun types of colors. The shades are vey nice, with brown nutty or metallic shines in different intensities. Thease feathers are fantastic for dun imitations and because don’t are speckled  should not be neglected. Here are the most used  feathers from Coq De Leon Indio:…


Colors of Coq de Leon Pardo feathers

I write an article about these beautiful  birds . Right now I intend to make a color cart for Coq de Leon Pardo and Coq de Leon Indio. Coq de Leon Pardo: Pardo Corzuno Crudo   Pardo Corzuno Claro   Pardo Corzuno Medio   Pardo Corzuno Oscuro   Pardo Corzuno Rojito   Pardo Flor de…

Fly Tying Thread Test

Fly Tying Thread Test

I’m a tier and I decided to test all my range of threads that I use freqvently. After my is not an easy job because all producers don’t use the standard charts: Denier(grams per 9000m) or Decitex(grams per 10000m). They use the diameter of the thread and this is very difficult to measure. Also all…


A CDC dry fly for everybody

Back to fly tying desk. Moving in other country for a period of time and having a second baby is time consuming. Unfortunately all my time was dedicated to my family but I hope that from now I will have more time for tying and fishing. So I propose you a fly for river fishing…


GRHE my way

Nothing complicate, only just a variant of the famous GRHE nymph Materials: Hook: Daiichi D1180 #12 Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread – black Lead:- 0.3mm lead wire Underbody: Yellow body thread – Devaux Tail:guard hair from  European Hare Body: Super Spike Dubbing Back: guard hair from  European Hare Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing Tinsel: Oval French Tinsel…


UV Caddis Emerger

Because the Caddis flies start to fly all around here is an emerger that work here  in Eastern Europe and I have no doubt that will work everywhere:     -Demmon BL hooks -Trout Line Super Selected CDC in olive and tan for body -Underwing: TroutLine Khaki Campbell CDC – Deer Hair for wing -UV…


Another deadly nymph

I like to tie  caddis pupae with catgut due the caracteristic of this material. Anyway here is another pattern tied with catgut and it works for trout and grayling as well Materials: Hook: Demmon DGH 900 BL #12 Thread:  8/0 Standard Textreme Thread Body Thread: Cream Devaux Body Thread Body: Catgut – natural cream color…