dark brown winged ant

Terrestrial flies – Ants that catch fish

These ants are considered lately more efficient than those tied on classic hooks with straight hook shanks . The curved shape also called grub shape or caddis shape type of hook, especially Demmon DGS 900BL    gives a nice look more close to the anatomical shape of insects. Ok a good observer will tell you that an ant…


Tying a Micro Baetis Nymph with UV Coating Resin

Hi friends,  I decided to make a step by step for this nymph that I use  with success in almost all waters especially when I used long nymphing in ginger clear rivers  with  medium or small current. To tie a micro baetis nymph that should work you should take in consideration 2 aspects : size…


Squirmy Nymphs – an all around pattern

I tied a few nymphs with the new Squirmy  wormy materials. made in USA by Spirit River  this soft type silicone based material started to  be very popular in tying world. Is used mainly for  tying worm types of flies also called San Juan Worm flies. Compared with traditional materials like dubbing, chenille,  threads and…


Catgut Buzzers – in a simple and realistic way

Fishing in lakes means  buzzers. There are lot of models   but why  you shouldn’t try to tie a buzzer with catgut?  Here is a model tied with red catgut biothread from Troutline. Looks normal when the material is wet but when gets wet looks really nasty!                …


Troutline Olive Buzzer

Troutline Olive Buzzer is a classic buzzer considered one of the most efficient buzzer  for lake fishing and is used when midges start to  hatch. This buzzer by our Troutline Pro Staff members and  is tied with Devaux herl died in olive,  pearl ass and torax made of natural spikey dubbing from Troutline      …


Pink and Peach Candy Streamer

                                  Materials used: Hook: Demmon ST 700 BL #8 Marabou: Peach Body:  UV Fritz Coral Thread: Uni 6/0 from Uni Canada Eyes: Double green eyes   How to use: is is a simple streamer  to tie but very efficient…

step 8 in tying danica nymph

Tying a mayfly nymphs -Ephemera Danica

In a short period of time from now on a plenty of Danica will fly over rivers. It  is better to be prepared with a couple of weeks before and to have a few effective nymph imitations of Ephemera Danica because trout will start eating them in great frenzy. The  nymph that I recommend you…