Tricolor Trout Buggy Nymph

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Classic flies always work there is no doubt. But sometimes, when we fish on rivers with high fishing pressure it is better if we use new flies. Personally I love to use classic flies but in these situations i tie slightly variations like this one presented.


  • strong hook in size 10-14
  • tungsten bead in any color you like
  • tail from guard fur ( squirrel for small flies and hare for big flies )
  • ribbing made of tinsel
  • body made of light olive-Argentinian hare fur
  • thorax made of brown and black -Argentinian hare fur
  • hot spot made of orange thread

Nothing new under the sun: hare fur, ribbing, bead and hot spot: the complete recipe for success. But this combination of colors ( yellow-olive with brown and black) is a winner for trout fishing. And I’m referring at late Spring and early Summer

In this case I came with a Argentinian fur instead of my classic spiky dubbing because I noticed that in super fast flowing parts a super spiky fly works better. Maybe because is super buggy or maybe because the texture and fibers are working better under the strong water currents. I do not know but I certainly know that they are more effective 🙂

  • Emanuele
    May 11, 2020

    I think it’s really deadly in size 16 for late spring and summer; well mixed materials compliments Lucian.

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