CDC May Fly Competition – Results

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With a small delay generated by Coronavirus situation here are the photos received from participants.

All flies look great, all of them catch fish without any doubt. Some if them are complicated to tie and needs a lot of tying skills- really art. Others are clean superb tied with a great waterprint.

The winners are:

Adrian Pop, Mike Push, Pier Luigi, Jan Begus and Macime Potier. Please contact me at shop email to provide you the coupon codes

Other flies which entered in contest:

Fanny Bouyer

Gerrit Postma

Sal Vetti

Loic Jugan

Sebastien de Toulouse

Thomas Samson

Tibi Kovacs:


Patrick Liaud – with a superb cdc and partridge Mayfly

Alain Brousse with his beautiful creation

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