Tying set for perdigon flies from Troutline

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Dear friends,
Troutline decided to offer a new tying set for perdigon flies with hooks, tungsten beads, UV Resin and other special materials for tying these flies.

troutline perdigon tinsel

As you know, these nymphs are extremely efficient in waters where the fish are very careful with what they pick up for eating ( educated fish). For those who don’t know , perdigon flies are most and most popular due to high success provided by Spanish teams in European and world competitions.
So Troutline provide 3 sets based on the same tying materials with some small variations:
Troutline Perdigon Fly Tying Sets
1.The Loading kit
2.The Basic kit
3.The Guidance kit
The different between them is in UV laser lamp ( included in the second and third types ). The guidance kit contain a nice set of 6 perdigon flies tied by us as models ( to help the tier how should make the body, how much resin is applied and how are the right proportions for these flies.
The sets contain the following materials:

  • 75 barbless hooks (25 each size) #14, #16 and #18
  • 75 tungsten beads (25 each size) 3mm, 2,5mm and 2mm
  • Coq de Leon Pardo feathers – for tails
  • Perdigon Tying Thread spools – for tying hot spots and bodies
  • Perdigon UV flat tinsel spools – for hot spots and bodies
  • Wire and tinsel in different colors for ribbing
  • Laser UV Torch ( not included in loading kit )
  • Troutline UV Resin – the new formula!
  • 17/0 Trico for tying small and very small nymphs
  • 70 UTC Denier – in orange for hot spots

You can tie the following nymphs:











All these flies can be tied easy and also many variations based on your experience and how the local waters are. Troutline tying set for perdigon flies will save your money and will keep your materials at minimum!
As you know buying a lot of stuff and ending not using it is not very smart and economic for our budget. My advice is to keep the storage at minimum and to use only what you need. In this way you will save your money and your time tying in the same time.
My advice regarding tying perdigon flies for beginners:
-when you tie first time a perdigon fly is better to remain at only few models. If you tie too many variations you will spend a lot of time testing them. Is very important to use effective flies and to fish not to make some nymphs swimming . Then you can make variants based on the flies that was effective.
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I hope that my 2cents opinions and advices help and I wish you all tight lines 🙂

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