Barbel Red Worm

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This is something that you should have if you have in mind to catch barbel with nymphs. This type of worm in red seems to be highly appreciated by this fish, a secret shared by a friend of mine from Czech Republic. Of course you can make it using white latex or pink latex or even yellow latex. But red seems very effective 🙂


  • Hook: curved strong hook in size #10-14
  • Thread: any you like in red color
  • Weight : optional but lead wire or tungsten wire will help
  • Body: Red Latex strips

Optional you can coat with UV resin but is not a must. I personally prefer like it it because the body texture is softer and chewy. If the fish is not in feeding frenzy mode and prefer to test the flies, an UV coated worm will be hard and super easy to spit out.

Another aspect is how the body is made, if you like it very well segmented you can use a nylon line to wrap it over the latex to obtain a nice segmentation. Bellow are 2 worms, one normal made and one segmented with nylon.

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