Yellow Hot Spot Caddis Nymph

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It is yellow because the thread used is yellow but the combination between hook color and thread color results in a nice yellow with a touch of light olive. When gets wet is more evident 🙂 . Of course you can make it in brown, pale olive or in any color you like… But for me this color works fantastic.

I love it for its simplicity, for how easy you can tie it and how efficient is. Frankly I’m very happy with this synthetic material used(Troutline Nymph skin), because it replaces the natural peacock quill very well. Beside the high quality resolution printing, it adds an extra feature: the transparency, which is very important because you can play with different underbody colors and shades (provided by different threads) in order to obtain all kind of effects!

Materials used:

  • Maruto 46WBL #14
  • Thread: yellow 16/0 Veevus or yellow small stomach Veevus
  • Body is made of Troutline Nymph skin transparent with brown
  • Thorax is made of yellow and olive mixed Mad Rabbit Dubbing
  • Hot Spot is made of Orange Veevus Thread
  • Bead is made of tungsten in silver color and can be replaced with white bead aswell

Hot Spot Caddis Nymph is a super simple and easy to tie and efficient in the same time. The silver bead imitates the air bubble trapped by insets when they swim at surface. So if you use this type of fly as a dropper fly and you jig it a little bit, you will induce the fish attack much faster compared with a simple drift in water current 🙂

  • Stefano Tubaro
    December 15, 2022

    From dry fly fisherman eatching nimph fishing
    What do you mean by “ you jig it a little bit ?
    Thank you.

    • Lucian Vasies
      December 16, 2022

      Ciao Stefano, you need to play it a little bit, like you do with soft lures when you fishing: to pick it up and leave it repeatedly but at short distances of a few cm.
      Cheers 🙂

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