May Riddle – guess the fly

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Hi guys, if you like our riddles here is a new one: Just guess the nymph (it is sold in Troutline Shop here: ) Is not difficult, just a simple, now considered a classic one :) You will have the chance to win a set of materials needed for tying this fly in size ...

Universal U1 Nymph

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Materials: Maruto D04 HWW #10-16 Thread: 8/0 Black Body: Mad Rabbit Dubbing-Natural Ribbing: Wire Tail and Body: olive goose biot Hackle: Partridge - one turn! Neck: Spiky Dubb  in natural color The fly is  a variant of Classic Universal Nymph originated by Steve Schweitzer long time ago and was published on Globalflyfisher. Tied in this version is ...

Macaw F Fly

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Is not complicated to do,  maybe a little bit fancy due to material used for body. But sometimes a colorful fly will work better than the classic ones. So here is a version of F Fly that works for me: Hook: Demmon D400 #12-18 Thread: Black 8/0 Body: Blue Macaw barb Wing: Troutline CDC  Campbell  

Pink Collar PT Nymph

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The pink collar PT Nymph is made to be simple and efficient. All of us know that a pheasant nymph variant will work from starting season till at the end of it. Adding a hot colored dubbing in recipe or a hot spot can be an efficient trigger sometimes. This version works for rainbow extremely well ...

Globalflyfisher Universal Nymph

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Materials: Hook: Demmon Competition 900 BL #14 Thread: UTC 70DEN orange Tail::Brown Troutline Goose Biots Ribbing: Copper wire Body:Mad Dubbing- natural color Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing Plus - Salt and pepper Thorax Cover: Troutline Mylar 2mm UV Band - Pearl Ice Legs: Partridge grey hackle First time I saw this nymph in the box of a very good friend. He told me that tied ...

Bead Head Pheasant Tail

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This is my version, one of the most simple and easy to tie but effective nymph: Hook: Demmon 633 #12-18 Thread: Orange Uni 8/0 Body: pheasant fibers from pheasant tail feather from rooster Ribbing: Tinsel Thorax: Peacock Thorax cover: pheasant barbs Tail: pheasant barbs tips Bead: Tungsten Legs: pheasant barbs tips