LW CDC Emerger

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I love this LW CDC Emerger because is tied in an easy way. You do not need high tying skills at all and you can make it quite fast. In my opinion a 5-8 min for making this fly is more than enough. Recipe: Demmon E320 Hook in size #12-16 Thread:  UTC 70 Denier in any ...

Danica CDC and Hare Variant

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Hook: Maruto #10 Thread: UTC Camel color Body Thread: Yellow body thread Body: Yellow Troutline Ultra Selected CDC Ribbing: Uni Brown body thread Tail: 3-5 pheasant barbs from rooster tail Hackle:Yellow Troutline Ultra Selected CDC combined with Natural Black CDC Front Hackle: Hare guard fibers. I just love this fly because catch big trout even if the running water is slow . The ...

Universal U1 Nymph

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Materials: Maruto D04 HWW #10-16 Thread: 8/0 Black Body: Mad Rabbit Dubbing-Natural Ribbing: Wire Tail and Body: olive goose biot Hackle: Partridge - one turn! Neck: Spiky Dubb  in natural color The fly is  a variant of Classic Universal Nymph originated by Steve Schweitzer long time ago and was published on Globalflyfisher. Tied in this version is ...

Macaw F Fly

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Is not complicated to do,  maybe a little bit fancy due to material used for body. But sometimes a colorful fly will work better than the classic ones. So here is a version of F Fly that works for me: Hook: Demmon D400 #12-18 Thread: Black 8/0 Body: Blue Macaw barb Wing: Troutline CDC  Campbell  

Pink Collar PT Nymph

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The pink collar PT Nymph is made to be simple and efficient. All of us know that a pheasant nymph variant will work from starting season till at the end of it. Adding a hot colored dubbing in recipe or a hot spot can be an efficient trigger sometimes. This version works for rainbow extremely well ...

Globalflyfisher Universal Nymph

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Materials: Hook: Demmon Competition 900 BL #14 Thread: UTC 70DEN orange Tail::Brown Troutline Goose Biots Ribbing: Copper wire Body:Mad Dubbing- natural color Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing Plus - Salt and pepper Thorax Cover: Troutline Mylar 2mm UV Band - Pearl Ice Legs: Partridge grey hackle First time I saw this nymph in the box of a very good friend. He told me that tied ...