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Ordinary Quill Nymph

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This nymph can be used  in lakes and rivers because I consider it a simple searching fly. The ordinary quill nymph  as I named, can be used as a small mayfly swimming nymph,  buzzer or a general  baetis. Materials used: Hook Demmon G602  because the bend of the hook shank suits better for a swimming nymph ...

Pontus tying – Para mayfly

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Tying season just started and Pontus has a great mayfly pattern as a proposition. Not too complicate, versatile and high visible, thys Mayfly model should be in any dry fly fisherman box :) Materials: Demmon Hook $12-16 CDC for para post wings in white guard hair from Hare for legs Tail and body made of genetic ...

Pearl Redneck Perdigon

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Pearl Redneck Perdigon is a stimulator type of nymph. There is no kind of insect with this color but it seems that fish take it. probably is about territoriality instinct or they just consider it a kind of "snack" Material used: Demmon DSD 100 #14-16-18 White Thread Tail: Coq de Leon Pardo Body: Perdigon flat tinsel ...

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