Video – Tying a red spotted peacock quill nymph

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here is a specialised nymph designed for targeting trout and grayling, meticulously crafted for optimum performance using the Euro Nymphing Technique or Fishing on Sight/Peche a Vue. This technique involves casting in front of the fish and animating the fly to provoke a strike.

This fly adheres to the best practices of Euro Nymphing, featuring a strategically placed hot spot to trigger attacks or enhance fish curiosity. With a slim profile for effortless casting and a lifelike appearance, the fly incorporates mobility elements through the use of CDC (Cul de Canard).

Tying Tips:

  • Avoid CDC Overload: One common mistake is overusing CDC. Excessive CDC can obscure the body, reducing visibility and hindering mobility in the water.

Materials used:

  • Hook in size #14-18 ( I use Maruto D04HWW)
  • Thread: 50DEN Gel Spun ultra flat in black color
  • Hot spot – tinsel in red color
  • Body made of cleaned peacock quill in natural color – optional you can cover it with resin
  • Thorax: a mix of dark synthetic dubbing with green, blue and purple reflexes
  • Hackle: CDC natural grey
  • Weight: Tungsten bead in silver or brass bead in silver

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