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In the bustling streets of Copenhagen, a man with an unwavering passion for both the art of photography and the serenity of fishing has seamlessly blended two seemingly divergent worlds.

Meet Søren Skarby, a seasoned press photographer with three decades of diverse experience, delving into realms ranging from falconry to the enchanting world of fly-fishing. However, there was a time when Søren hesitated to intertwine his professional pursuits with his cherished hobby, fearing it might dilute the purity of his love for fishing.

Søren’s journey unfolds on a captivating blog titled “Fish – Scaled Up,” where he reveals not only his prowess behind the lens but also his profound connection with the aquatic world. What sets this blog apart is not just the stunning visual narratives captured by Søren but the underlying mission to unravel the mysteries beneath the water’s surface.

Fish – Scaled Up is more than a collection of visually striking images; it is a ‘show, don’t tell’ endeavor. Søren Skarby aims to articulate the fascination he feels for fish in a manner that goes beyond words. Through meticulous photography, he invites readers to count the scales of a fish, to witness the intricacies that remain hidden from the unaided human eye. The blog becomes a window into an underwater realm where every detail matters.

Yet, capturing these mesmerizing moments comes with its own set of challenges. Fish, delicate and ephemeral, impose a strict time limit on Søren’s photographic endeavors. A cod, for instance, transforms into a dark and dull spectacle within a mere 10 minutes of exposure to air. Collaborating with taxidermist Morten Boesen, Søren has devised ingenious methods to extend this temporal window, but the process remains, in his words, a nerve-wracking journey.

The challenges are not confined to time constraints alone. Procuring the ideal subjects for these photographic sessions is an art in itself. The fish must be in pristine condition, alive, and preferably free from the damage that nets might inflict on their delicate fins. Søren, to his delight, has found that the least harm befalls his aquatic subjects when they are captured with a hook, a delicate dance that adds an extra layer of complexity to his piscatorial portraits.

As readers delve into Fish – Scaled Up, they are not merely spectators; they are companions on a journey beneath the surface, exploring the depths of Søren Skarby’s dual passion for fish and photography. Through his lens, the aquatic world comes alive, inviting us to appreciate the fragility and beauty of these creatures, all while recognizing the challenges that accompany the pursuit of such exquisite artistry.

All the credit for the pictures belongs to Mr Søren Skarby.

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