UV Orange Spotted and CDC PT Nymphs

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This type of fly was started to be tied long time ago. The fly is effective for fishing in slow running rivers, or deep pools when you have to play it on short distance. The fly should be used and kept behind rocks to induce the fish attack. What is different at these type of flies is the CDC hackle. It is soft, translucent, elastic and pulse in water. Another “secret” is to be tied as long as possible, up to 2 time longer then the hook. If is too short will not “wave” in water so better.
The UV colored thorax will kive an extra attraction to the fly and will work as a “click” to make the trout to attack the fly.
Hook: Demmon Jig #12
Thread: White
Tail: Coq de Leon Indio
Body: Black dyed pheasant barbs
Ribbing: Red thick wire
Thorax: UV Ribbing fiber
Hackle: Campbell CDC Tan or Khaki

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