CDC Summer time Spinner

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I consider this fly one of the most versatile and easy to tie  CDC  Spinner. Can be used also as a dun too. What is nice at this fly is how easy and fast can be tied in the same time. The body is made of CDC,  wings also,  practically a fly that will float great and will have a fantastic water-print.

It is my searching fly for Summer fishing no matter where I go : Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Slovakia or Italy.

What I like at this fly:

  • body color  – tobacco is a great searching color for these kind of flies
  • slim and delicate
  • great water profile
  • floats excellent
  • easy to be presented  in casting time
  • easy to maintain
  • high visibility no matter how small  is the fly or how bad is the  ambient light


Materials used:
Tail: Coq de Leon Indio Rubion or Indio Medio
Body: one long CDC feather in tobacco color
Wing: 2 feathers of natural grey CDC
Thread: brown
Hook: Maruto D23 BL

Happy Tying 🙂

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