Tying flies with UV ribbing fibers

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We love to bring a little bit of innovation in fly tying world. The new ribbing materials like pearl and UV  fibers rapidly became  a “must have tying material” in fly tying world. Is no matter if you fish in lakes, rivers or saltwater waters,  this material start to be love by the most skilled  fishermen. In European and all fly fishing competitions,  the flies tied with these fibers was the most successful flies used. jig nymphs with UV hot spots


The material is beautiful colored and is semi elastic and rounded. Can be used for  flies tied down on size #16.  Is used most for tying nymphs and emergers but also an be used on dry flies. Tying flies with UV ribbing material is limited only by your imagination and you can see bellow how many models can be created by any fly tier, no matter if is a pro or a beginner in fly tying.


emergers tied with UV ribbing materials




black jig with uv ribbing nymphs

jigs with uv ribbing nymphs


UV-hot-spot-nymph with UV Pink





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