Video Tying a bi-colored PT nymph

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This nymph is a slightly more complicated fly to make because it has more elements and because it requires a little more skill. But it’s very fun to do. If you do it in small sizes, it is very effective for any type of fish (trout, grayling, even coregon and chub ) .

Tying tips: use quality materials, don’t over-load with too much material. Use good and thin threads. To avoid a bulky body, use tungsten instead of lead. When forming the head, use wax, it will ensure an excellent adhesion of the thread and resistance over time.


  • Hook: Straight nymph hook 1,5x or 2x long in sizes #14-20
  • Thread: Sumo 50DEN yellow or brown
  • Weight: tungsten wire
  • Body Thread: Perdigon Flat Body Thread 90DEN A8
  • Back Body and Thorax cover: pheasant barbs from pheasant tail feathers
  • Thorax: Squirrel Mask Dubbing color SM5 or SM6
  • Legs – Partridge barbs

In the video I use a size #14 hook so that anybody can see better all steps and details. For fishing I prefer to make the fly in size #18 and #16. Of course it can be tied in any size is desired, everything depends of local conditions.

By the way, for better view choose HD setting.

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