Orange and Partridge Spider Nymph

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Have you thought of combining the effectiveness of English spiders with that of nymphs? Here is my Orange and Partridge variant that we have been using for over 7 years. I have it in different sizes in the fishing box all the time and they are the first to run out: either they spoil by my fish, or I lose them while fishing, or they are requested by fishing friends.

How to fish it? It is simple: You can use it between between rocks and structures, you can induce the attack by playing the fly all the time or you can fish it “down-and-across swing” like wet flies.


A tying trick: the hackle should be sparse, the barbs on one side should be plucked. Otherwise it will not work well in the water and the hackle will be stiff.

Test if you don’t believe me 🙂

Cheers and happy tying!

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