Partridge Octopus Black Nymph

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Not so much to say, it is simple to tie by any tier. The nymph is supper efficient for trout and grayling in the same time. It can be pimped with a little bit of dubbing in thorax area, will work well , no doubt about that, or can stay simple as possible.

For me, this model together with Orange and Yellow Octopus Nymphs is always in my box from size #12 to #16.


  • Hook : -Hanak 480 or similar in size #12-16
  • Thread: -Perdigon Flat Body Thread -A2 color
  • Ribbing: wire used is silver from Hends
  • Hackle: -one or two turns of Partridge grey or brown hackle.
  • Hot spot: any mylar tinsel you like ( I prefer peacock color or UV Blue color over black thread )
  • Bead: Tungsten in silver size 3.5mm for #12 , same 3,5mm for #14 and 3mm for #16 hook

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