Swimming GRHE Nymph

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The swimming GRHE nymph is very light variation of classic GRHE nymph. The fly is tied slim, delicate and without lead or tungsten wire. The reason stays in the style used to fish this fly: “NYMPHE À VUE” – the French unique nymphing style.


  • Hook: barbless in size #14-18
  • Thread: Veevus white or black GSP 30DEN
  • Body: Mad Rabbit Dubbing – natural
  • Ribbing: Perdigon tinsel -pearl color
  • Back: CDC natural grey
  • Legs: CDC natural grey barbs
  • Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing-natural
  • Tail; Coq de Leon flor de escoba

The reason for using CDC for back cover and for legs stays in the capacity of trapping air bubbles from water. Then CDC it moves incredible easy and appealing. These are things that trout and grayling love 🙂

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