Simple Buzzer for lake fishing

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Here is my simple buzzer for lake fishing. It is super easy to make and is efficient for trout and grayling and any beginner can make it.

Materials used:

  • Hook: Daiichi or Kamasan in size #12
  • Thread: black
  • Body: Lurefil blue gray
  • Ribbing: Tinsel red
  • Thorax: Black thread
  • Cheeks: Lurefil orange

I do not fish a lot on lakes because I do not have in my region. I’m a river fisherman kind of guy. But I love to fish on lakes all the time when I have a chance.

I took this model from internet, is not a kind of “big deal pattern” It is only simple tied buzzer that respects all proportions and elements needed.

I had good results with this simple buzzer and I carry it in my box in 2 sizes with and without white antennae

Lurefil is what I used for body because is cheap, easy to use, can be colored and can be coated. My kind of material:)

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