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Poor Man Brown Mayfly

by Lucian Vasies

I call this dry fly as poor man brown mayfly because is not used genetic hackle, a material difficult to find locally.

These days is difficult to find in Europe high quality genetic hackle like was 10 years ago. Whiting Farms have high demands from Fashion market and from local fishing shops and they are not able to satisfy these requests. The same situation is with other US hackle producers. The exports to Europe are from time to time and local fishermen need to buy from US because our local shops do not have these products for sale.

We have to find different ways to replace the beautiful rooster hackle. CDC feathers together with hare guard fur represent a fantastic substitute.

Bellow is an example of common brown mayfly tied with guard hair from hare.

Nothing complicated to tie but needs a little bit more attention and time than the same fly tied with hackle.

Why I like these type of flies tied with hare fur instead of rooster:

  • cheap material
  • easy to adjust the size of the hackle according with the hook size
  • can be dyed
  • elastic
  • water impermeable
  • I love to combine it with partridge and cdc

What I don’t like:

  • difficult to make flies on hook smaller than #16

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