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Saša Bencun Roko -TroutLine Pro Team

by Lucian Vasies

We are very happy to have Sasa in our team 🙂 He is a great Serbian fisherman, a kind person who love nature and fly fishing. He owns a nice loge in Serbian mountains ( South Carpathians ) where he is taking care of his guests.

Sasa is a great tier too, his flies are fantastic, tied in the pure Serbian style with attention at details, his flies catch fish all over in Balkans and East Europe!

Here is his intro:

Hello everyone, my name is Saša Bencun Roko, but many call me “Roko”. I live in Serbia in Valjevo, only 11 kilometers from Gradac, and I own a lodge on the river itself; I am married and have a daughter who is also in love with fly fishing. When I was young at the age of 12, I made the first flies. The index finger and the thumb of my left hand were my main tool instead of the clamp. Now it is much easier with the Regal Vise, which I am a promoter of. I like to study aquatic insects and their life cycle. I draw inspiration from my river (Gradac) trying to mix natural products with the highest quality materials such as “Textreme” and “Trout Line”. As of today, I am in the team of the esteemed company “Trout Line”. I have already had the opportunity to make sure that these are really top quality materials for both dry flies and nymphs, wet flies and streamers.I am a member and promoter of Regal Vise.
I am also a promoter for top barb Dohiku hooks. The “Deer Creek” company recognized my creations of which I am also a member and promoter. I am very happy and I try to improve and give my maximum to all companies of which I am a member and promoter. My qualification for the order of flies mainly refers to dry flies, emergers, nymphs and streamers. I also like realistic flies that are part of my work. Sometimes I participate in international competitions in tying flies in Slovenia, Croatia and I won the most awards. In Norway, the first place at the “Mustad” competition in the category of realists with “Ecdionurus metamorphosis”. In the same year, in Germany, in the category of realists with grasshooper, the second place was won. I am the owner of the first fly fishing center in Serbia that offers accommodation, a guide through the river Gradac, a fly fishing school, fly tying and guide. I am glad to part of your team “Trout Line”. I hope that we will successfully cooperate and contribute to the development of fly fishing around the world!

Bellow a few of his flies:

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