Quill Moustique cdc Fly

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This model is considered a classic one in France and north Switzerland. Quill Moustique cdc Fly has a great reputation between fishermen from North part of Alps. Also on Jura, a fantastic river, this model is considered infallible when small and medium mayflies and mosquitos are emerging.

Materials used:
Hook: Maruto D23BL #14-16-18
Thread: Uni white 17/0 or 70 DEN
Tail: Flor de Escoba Coq de Leon
Body: Troutline selected and hand cleaned peacock quill
Hackle: CDC barbs 2 colors in sandwich, fixed in dubbing loop
Front Hackle: partridge natural or dyed picric

Is not an easy fly to tie, this model requests medium skills but is fun to make it and will catch fish without any doubts!

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