Pale Olive CDC Dun dry fly

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Pale Olive CDC Dun dry fly is used early in the morning or late in the day. This model has a subtle light olive and tied on small hooks like #16 and 18 is absolutely deadly.

I love to make this fly using biot due to special texture and shade of this natural material. I never found this color in shops and I tried to make it for TrouLine shop but I never succeeded to make it in large quantity. The material is dyed using cold dye and is difficult to obtain in my favorite color.

Anyway a light olive color seems to be super effective on this type of fly and on trout works fabulous.

Materials used:

  • Barbless hook in size #16-18 and sometimes #14 seems to be ok ( especially on high waters )
  • Thread: white or pale olive
  • Body: pale light olive – biot
  • Tail: red rooster barbs or Coq de Leon Rubion
  • Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing in natural color
  • Wing: 2 feathers of CDC in Khaki Campbell

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