Olive Hairy Buzzer

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Easy and fun to tie, effective in the same time – this is the olive Hairy buzzer.

Materials used for tying this fly:

  • Hook curved in size #10-14
  • Thread as slim as possible
  • body made of coarse dubbing – squirrel or mad rabbit dubbing is great
  • ribbing is made by TroutLine UV ribbing in blue
  • Cheeks -lurefil orange
  • Thorax is made of the same dubbing used for body but more buggy tied

Tying tips:

  • use multi-filament parallel thread because you can fix much better the dubbing on it
  • use the thinnest thread you have to avoid making a bulky body.
  • use small qty of dubbing for to make a thin and dense dubbing rope on the thread

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