Olive Caddis Buggy Nymph

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I consider this simple fly a good searching pattern when caddis insects are abundant in water. In olive color, this fly imitates swimming larvae, free caddis and even adults who swim to the bottom of the rivers to lays eggs.

The important thing here is the silver bead because it imitates the air bubble used by insects to emerge. Gold is not the best option but works too. I consider the silver color more adequate for this pattern.

  • Hook: Demmon 903 BL ( size #14-16)
  • Thread: Veevus 100DEN GSP white ( I use white to not interfere with the dubbing color)
  • Wire for Ribbing: Copper wire
  • Body: Mad Rabbit Dubbing ( yellow mixed with olive ), thorax – natural grey mad rabbit dubb
  • Hot Spot: Orange Veevus thread
  • Weight: tungsten bead – silver color

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