New tying tools from Stonfo

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Stonfo brings us interesting news. This summer Stonfo offers us 4 new tying tools. All of them are interesting, useful, help fly fishermen to make better flies and very important: they have reasonable prices!

As we are used to, on each product packaging there is information and helpful drawings on how to use the tools.

Stonfo CDC feathers block

It is a simple and easy to use tool for tying flies with CDC. This tool is cheap and durable. The shanks are slim, maybe a little bit too slim but you can fix easily and precise each feather. I test it and I consider very useful. I would prefer it to be a little heavier, not to rise when you work with it, but with a little attention, this tool makes your life easier. It is available here: CDC Block

Stonfo Winding Tool

This tool is the Italian approach to working with CDC. it’s a new way of working with feathers. For CDC enthusiasts, this tool is a must have. We have it in our shop here: Stonfo Winding Tool

Stonfo Trimmer

The Stonfo Trimmer has an ergonomic handle, a thin blade which perfect for tying threads closed to the fly boy. You can cut other material during tying time. The needed wich is positioned at the other end of the tool is very sharp and can be used for different purposes like applying resin, arranging hackle, splitting fibers and threads.

This tool has extra blades available in the same pack, which is great because you can use these spare blades when you like. All instructions about changing a blade are printed on the product blister. You can see this tool in our shop here: Stonfo Trimmer

Stonfo Thread Trimmer

Another useful tool is the Stonfo Thread Trimmer which has a thread blade at one point and a super sharp needle at the other end. The thread blade is in “V” and at angle. In this way you can cut thread of different thickness. Because the thread blade is in V shape and positioned in angle you can cut anything very close to the body or behind beads.

You can find it in our shop here: Stonfo Thread Trimmer

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