Green Pupa Nymph – super simple to tie

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I usually make this fly using Catgut Biothread in caddis green but this time I did it using the new nymph skin. It is a different approach, with dark marks to highlight the body segmentation.

I consider it a good searching pattern which imitates small free swimming caddis. Can be tied as simple as possible using only thread and nymph skin to provide the body silhouette and realistic look. If is needed more sparkle or visibility, then a hot spots can be added behind body or behind bead. Or you can use perdigon skin as underbody to make a discrete but flashy enough hot spot.

Bellow is a version tied on size #16 hook with hot orange neck:


  • Demmon DHG 903 BL #16
  • Under body – yellow thread and green thread
  • Body: Synthetic nymph skin transparent brown marked
  • Bead:- black tungsten in 2,5mm
  • Thorax: mixed synthetic dubbing in red-brown combined with brown and dark grey squirrel dubbing
  • Hot Spot: orange thread
  • Michael
    August 7, 2022

    That’s a great pattern, beautifully made. Do you offer commercial flies for online sales? If so I’m in for several of your patterns!

    • Lucian Vasies
      August 10, 2022

      Hi Michael, thanks, very kind o you:) Unfortunately not enough time to tie for shops .

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