Latex Caddis Pupae No1

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Material used:

  • Demmon G602 #10-14
  • Tying thread – Uni 8/0 black
  • Under-body thread : yellow Perdigon Body Thread
  • Body: Virtual Nymph Skin in translucent color
  • Hackle : CDC
  • Thorax: Troutline Pure Squirrel Dubbing orange and black pepper

Tying details:

To provide the perfect silhouette you have to make an underbody with  a wasp body shape  ( or  you can make the shape of aubergine ). Then you have to make the body using Virtual Nymph Skin or latex.  Then 3 turns of orange Pure squirrel dubbing,  one turn of CDC and another 2-3 turns of sparse  salt and pepper Pure Squirrel Dubbing.

The fly will look fantastic when gets wet:

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