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Step by Step: Yellow Glass Caddis Pupa

by Lucian Vasies

Hi guys,
Here is another nymph that I love to have in my box when I go for fishing in June and July. In some parts like in Italy, this model works from end of April. Is fun to tie, a little bit demanding when the body is made but is very effective.

  • Hook Demmon G 602 in size #12-14
  • Body Thread: Yellow pale body thread ( I  prefer Perdigon Yellow Thread )
  • Body: Half Micro Glass Body Material
  • Thorax: a mix between Troutline Rainbow dubbing – and Troutline Loch Dubbing

So here is the step by step:

So here it is the bug:

When gets wet is very juicy as you can see in photo bellow:

And the same fly tied with one turn of partridge hackle:


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