Introducing the New Perdigon Flat Body Thread: Thinner, Stronger, and More Versatile

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The latest body thread in fly tying with the all-new Perdigon Flat Body Thread, is a fantastic thread designed for making delicate and durable bodies, even on the smallest hooks.

The Perdigon flat body thread have 90DEN and offers exceptional thinness and strength, allowing you to create intricate patterns with precision and ease. Whether you’re tying nymphs, dries, or wets, the Perdigon Flat Body Thread is your go-to choice for achieving a seamless, natural look.

UV Reflective for Enhanced Visibility

Some of the Perdigon Flat Body Thread colors feature UV reflective properties, making them highly visible in low-light conditions. This makes them ideal for fishing in the early morning, during night fishing, or in muddy waters, where visibility is often challenging.

Unparalleled Performance

Crafted from 100% polyester continuous filament textured thread, the Perdigon Flat Body Thread boasts exceptional performance:

  • Lays flat on the hook shank: The thread adheres securely to the hook shank, preventing it from curling or bunching, ensuring a smooth and consistent body.
  • Super easy to split or to spread: Split the thread effortlessly with your thumbnail or spread it evenly with a dubbing loop for precise shaping.
  • Perfect for making bodies: The thread’s fineness and strength make it ideal for creating delicate bodies, even on tiny hooks.
  • Perfect for dubbing loop technique: The thread’s flatness and ease of spreading make it ideal for the dubbing loop technique, allowing you to create intricate patterns with ease.
  • Elongation 22-32%: With a generous elongation, the thread provides flexibility and resilience, preventing it from breaking even under tension.
  • Breaking force 0.410kg: The thread’s exceptional breaking force for this type of thread and ensures durability and reliability.

Standard Spool for Ease of Use

The Perdigon Flat Body Thread comes on a standard spool, providing ample thread for a variety of fly tying projects. With 100 meters of thread per spool, you’ll always have enough on hand to fuel your creativity.

Some of these threads are UV reflective ( like hor orange, orange, red, green-chartreuse, hot pink). Some anglers are convinced that these type of materials offer a valuable tool for fly tiers who want to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of their flies under low-light conditions.

By incorporating these materials into their fly patterns, anglers can improve their chances of catching fish, especially during the early morning, late evening, and in cloudy or muddy waters.

Here are a few flies tied using Perdigon flat body threads and they are looking great:

Or here is an underbody made with the olive color perdigon flat thread:

    January 23, 2024


    You should show *which* colours are UV reflective in this article + video, and the page of Troutline should also clearly indicate which are UV & which are not.

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