Micro Swimming Olive Nymph

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This is a medium-small fly, I usually do it on #14 and #16 hooks. I use it when I fish using sight nymphing and all the time I use my dry fly rod combined with a tapered leader and a classid DT fly line.


  • Hook #14/16/18 Daiichi 1190 / Maruto D23 /Hanak H100
  • Thread: Sumo 50DEN yellow
  • Weight: Tungsten wire
  • Body Thread: Perdigon Flat Body Thread A10
  • Back Body: Pleasant barbs – natural brown
  • Tail: Pheasant barbs -tips
  • Thorax Back: pheasant barbs- dark part from side feathers
  • Thorax dubbing: squirrel mask
  • Legs: partridge barbs.

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