Grey Squirrel Zonker -an universal micro streamer

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The squirrel zonkers are popular for their effectiveness, everybody knows that. These streamers catch trout in rivers and lakes in the same time.

They are super easy to tie even by a beginner and only a few colors are needed: grey, olive, black and cream-white. I considered the grey versions a good way for starting the day. Zonkers made with grey work in all kind of waters like clear waters or slightly colored ones from short rains and represent an universal searching patterns. I usually start my fishing day with this color and if is not productive then I change on olive or black (depending of how the river bend is colored). White/cream color is my favorite on rivers like Soca and Irdijca.

Materials used:

  • Hook: Demmon W633 #10-12
  • Thread: GSP White 50DEN
  • Body: UV white dubb
  • Tail and Neck: UV red dubb
  • Wing: Troutline Squirrel strips in natural grey
  • Ribbing: copper wire
  • Head and Eyes: 4mm eyes silver fixed with UV glue and coated with UV resin

I prefer hooks with short shanks to keep the fly as small as possible. In this way I catch trout from 20cm up to 60cm. In rivers like those from Slovenia I use bigger flies but generally I like to use small streamers to fish with light rods.

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