Black Squirrel Zonker micro streamer

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The micro streamer made with squirrel zonker is a fly with medium movement in waters (of course if you compare it with a marabou fly) The strong point for these fly is their fantastic profile wich is provided by the wing made of the dense fur from squirrel.

If you fish it in rivers, this fly will have a great appearance and it will work great in strong and medium currents. If you use the streamer in lakes, then is recommended to play it a little bit and to let the fur to work and pulse in water.

The black squirrel zonker micro streamers are universal for trout fishing and they work super nice in light waters with a slightly increased level after a short rain. If is used at the end of day, the fly can produce some nice big trout because the black color offer a nice contrast with the sky light or with surrounding environment.

Materials used:

  • Hook: Demmon W633 #12
  • Thread: GSP White 50DEN
  • Body: UV white dubb
  • Tail and Neck: UV red dubb
  • Wing: Troutline Squirrel strips
  • Ribbing: copper wire
  • Head and Eyes: 4mm eyes silver fixed with UV glue and coated with UV resin

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